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Pleiadian Channeled Meditations by

Gaia Earth Star


“The Pleiadians are one of our Star Family that I connect with and channel wisdom from to assist souls on Planet Earth in ascending. They are fun and have great love for our Planet and its inhabitants.” - Gaia Earth Star

Pleiadian Diamond Heart Stargate: DNA Activation Guided Meditation


This meditation will activate your 12 strands DNA through the Diamond Heart Stargate of the Pleiades, allowing you to serve and fulfill your mission on Planet Earth in those times of Ascension. Be bold, believe in yourself and dream big!
Duration 26:23

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Pleiadian Rebirthing - Healing the Emotional Body in the Womb of the Mother


This rebirthing meditation will assist you in releasing lower vibration frequencies that you have been imprinted with when entering the uterus of your Mother; heal your emotional body, going back into the womb of your mother at the time of your conception. This healing journey will guide you in releasing and clearing what is not yours; karmic emotional patterns carried from generations to generations; rejuvenating and revitalizing you at a cellular level, allowing you to rewrite your destiny, let go of past lives family karma, own your creative power, play the main role in your life, creating and living your dream on Planet Earth as a conscious creator. And so it is!        Duration 21:17

Pleiadian DNA Cellular Healing from Past Lives


This positive affirmation meditation will assist you in clearing and healing at a cellular level your DNA from any past lifetimes pain, sorrow and grief that you carry in your bloodline.  Be gentle with yourself and allow the release to happen.

Duration 3:33

Awakening to Your Compassionate Heart


This guided meditation will assist you in awakening to your compassionate heart,  experiencing the Divine Pure Flow of Eternal and Unconditional Love that resides within your own heart using the expansive energy and eternal wisdom of the Planet Jupiter . Feeling that vibration of Self-Love within all the cells and atoms of your body. And then beaming this frequency through your compassionate heart, to your loved ones and all living beings. Unconditional love is the core of all relationships; as you awaken to your compassionate heart this vibration will change your entire human experience, seeing the bigger picture, feeling and radiating the highest vibration of love called Soul Love. Share this meditation with all!Duration 24:26

Gaia Earth Star has willingly accepted and is honored to be an open channel, a bridge between the Pleiadian Consciousness of the 5th dimension and Earth. She believes that every human being has the capacity to be a channel and that this way of communicating with other star systems will become prominent in the future. She also encourages you to explore this multi-dimensional aspect of yourself.

Meditation is a very important practice in this Golden Age where everything is speeding up and being able to hold a space of clarity, sanity and detachment will prove to come handy in times of challenge where your faith and courage will be tested. Those guided meditations will assist you in coming into the state of remembrance that this 3D reality is an illusion and that you have chosen to be a facet of Source experiencing itself in a physical body, anchoring its Light Frequency unto Planet Earth. You are a Spiritual being having a Human experience!

I personally encourage you to tune into your heart space and listen to your intuition as to which meditation will benefit you the most at this time on your Soul journey. These guided meditations are powerful catalyst of soul growth and will assist you to integrate and ground the light frequencies that the Galactic Sun is transmitted daily onto the magnetic field of Planet Earth, assisting our Ascension into 5th dimension, into Unity Consciousness where we become One.

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North Node Attunement Meditation soon available!


Venus Rose Heart Stargate Activation: Awakening to your Full Potential


This Pleiadian Guided Meditation will take you on a journey to Venus Rose Heart Stargate which hold the Frequency of the Divine Feminine represented by Mary Magdalene. Its purpose is to awaken your full potential as a human being, governed by your 5 senses; a bridge between Divine Creation and Human Creation, remembering that the One, the Goddess Consciousness is flowing through all that are willing to activate its potential. Human life is the most precious gift and this meditation will empower you in owning that gift by creating peace, harmony and beauty within you and around you. Duration 24:16

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I have been doing your meditation for the past few days, and the last day I meditated on was my third session. Your voice guided me on a very personal journey, which was in fact my first successful meditation (3rd time is a charm I guess?). I heard that voice again tonight, your voice, and it sent shivers up and down my spine, just the same as when I walked into the star gate. That feeling was nothing less than the purest, most unconditional love that I have ever felt. I can’t thank you enough. - Sean K.


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Connecting to your Multi-Dimensional Selves and Mother Earth Crystalline Grid


This Pleiadian Guided Meditation will assist you in connecting to your Multi-Dimensional Selves, allowing you to receive a Light Transmission from those facets of your Self living in the ever expanding Now and anchoring it into the Crystalline Grid of Mother Earth. Light being information, those informations will act as a trigger to awakening your full potential, your Kundalini, raising your frequency and expanding your consciousness in order for you to align with your Soul purpose and assist the Ascension on Planet Earth. To show its gratitude for your service, Mother Earth will perform a Soul Healing Transmission from her Emerald Heart to yours at the end of this meditation, just because she loves you Unconditionally! Duration 24:17

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“Through the practice of meditation, we can learn to be without deception, to be genuine and alive.” - Chogyam Trungpa

Pranayam Meditation & Kundalini with Gaia Earth Star

Gaia will guide you in using the healing techniques of the breath, called pranayam and will use simple kundalini exercises to prepare your physical body for the pranayam meditation. This session will strengthen your nervous system, clear old blockages and painful memory stored in your organs and cells, bringing new life, clarity and empowerment to align with your Soul Purpose and adjust to the Ascension process in your daily life. (Gaia is a certified Kundalini Teacher)

Gaia is now offering “Lightworker Community Transmission” via skype. This class purpose is to create a group energy of light around the Planet, strengthening and grounding the magnetic field of Light and Love of each lightworker, assisting the Ascension of all beings on Planet Earth. Pranayam, kundalini and channeled meditation will be used. Gaia will open the space by sharing thoughts and wisdom to inspire and build the group energy. (dates will be announced on Facebook)

Channeled Guided Meditations by Gaia Earth Star

Every word had meaning and drew my consciousness to another plain while still being very aware of what was happening in my body. Once going through the Stargate and allowing the transmission to begin I felt an overwhelming itching in my body then suddenly it stopped as the transformation was completed. After that portion of the journey my body was content to stay behind while my mind joined in and melded with others on this path. Near the end, I felt so much a part of the collective consciousness I was barely aware of my own self being separate. The energy of the meditation was such a powerful truth I was often feeling the images moments before they were described, not because they were predictable, but because as we approached them I was already seeing and feeling them. Some of the images I experienced during the meditation did awake energies that had not been previously called upon. The experience was incredible.Thank you for providing such a unique opportunity. - Katie Shell


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I don't think I meditated since I was a kid, so it was time to start again.  I felt great afterwards, clear mind and more relaxed. - Mark P.


Thank you - I loved this, thank you, thank you. I am deeply grateful. - Susan Scott


The meditation is beautiful, I love it and feel so good after I do it. - Trisha C.